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"Behold, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1:29

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Earth Day Joins Easter - A Sign of Our Times?

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The Old Rugged Cross: "In the eyes of the church establishment, Hus had committed heresy. He believed that everyone should be allowed to read the Bible in their own language -- an unthinkable notion.... He also opposed the pope's money-raising efforts to sell indulgences (the false assurance that people could buy or earn pardon for sin instead of trusting in Christ's redemption through the cross).

     "Hus was 'tried' and found guilty. When asked to recant, he refused. Instead he knelt and prayed that God would forgive his accusers. Mocked and humiliated, he was led naked to the stake, where executioners covered him with wood and straw for the torturous fire. Given a last chance to recant, he answered, 'In the truth of the Gospel which I have written, taught, and preached I will die today with gladness.' Then the fire was lit using pages from the forbidden Bible printed by John Wycliffe as kindling.

     "Enveloped in flames, Hus kept singing an old hymn, 'Christ, thou Son of the living God, have mercy upon me.' He died praising the Lord He loved!"

The Padded Cross: "Well, here I am, Lord. You said, 'Take up your cross,' and I'm here to do it. It's not easy, you know, this self-denial thing. I mean to go through with it though, yes sir. I'll bet you wish more people were willing to be disciples like me. I've counted the cost and surrendered my life, and ...well..."


Outside the Camp (Spurgeon): "JESUS, bearing His cross, went forth to suffer outside the gate. The Christian’s reason for leaving the camp of the world’s sin and religion is... because Jesus did so; and the disciple must follow his Master. Christ was 'not of the world.' His life and His testimony were a constant protest against conformity with the world. Never was such overflowing affection for men as you find in Him; but still He was separate from sinners. In like manner Christ’s people must 'go out to Him.' They must take their position 'outside the camp,' as witness-bearers for the truth."

He's My King: Do You Know Him?: "He's the King of Righteousness....He's the King of Glory....He's the King of kings, and He's the Lord of lords. That's my King! I wonder, do you know Him?... David said, 'The Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork. My King is a sovereign King. No means of measure can define His limitless love. No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shoreless supply. No barrier can hinder Him from pouring out His blessings.... Do you know Him? ...

     "Well, my the King.... He's the wellspring to wisdom....He's the doorway of deliverance....He's the pathway of peace....He's the roadway of righteousness ....He's the highway of holiness....He's the gateway of glory.... Do you know Him?" See Our God Reigns


This sermon can be heard here: He's My King: Do You Know Him? - video


A Prince and a Savior: "JESUS, OUR LORD, once crucified, dead and buried, now sits upon the throne of glory. The highest place that heaven affords is His by undisputed right. It is sweet to remember at the exaltation of Christ in heaven is a representative exaltation. the Mediator, the honors which Jesus wears in heaven are the heritage of all the saints."


Crucifixion by consensus: "But Pilate answered them, saying, 'Do you want me to release to you the King of the Jews?' For he knew that the chief priests had handed Him over because of envy. But the chief priests stirred up the crowd, so that he should rather release Barabbas to them.

     "Pilate answered and said to them again, 'What then do you want me to do with Him whom you call the King of the Jews?' So they cried out again, 'Crucify Him!' Then Pilate said to them, 'Why, what evil has He done?' But they cried out all the more, 'Crucify Him!'"

     Notice that the leaders "stirring up" the people and fueled their rage against a chosen victim. Does it remind you of the public lynchings in the South after the Civil War? Such rage reflects humanity's unchanging Human Nature. The targets and strategies vary, but the rage continues.


Do you believe in Easter? "After being called back in the doctor's office, Edith sat down and when she took a look at the doctor she said, 'Dr. Will, why are you so sad?..."

     "Dr. Phillips said, 'Now Edith, I'm the doctor and you're the patient.' With a heavy heart he said, 'your lab report came back and it says you have cancer, and Edith, you're not going to live very long.'

     "Edith said, 'Why Will Phillips, shame on you. Why are you so sad? Do you think God makes mistakes? You have just told me I'm going to see my precious Lord Jesus, my husband, and my friends. You have just told me that I am going to celebrate Easter forever, and here you are having difficulty giving me my ticket!'" See My Bridegroom


Outside Links and Quotes:

A religious holiday but fewer identify its meaning: "...a minority of adults directly linked Easter to the Christian faith’s belief in the resurrection of Christ. In all, 42% of Americans said that the meaning of Easter was the resurrection of Jesus or that it signifies Christ death and return to life. One out of every 50 adults (2%) said that they would describe Easter as the most important holiday of their faith. ... another 2% indicated it was about the 'rebirth of Jesus'; and 1% said it is a celebration of 'the second coming of Jesus.' Not included in the theistic category was another 3% who described Easter as a celebration of spring or a pagan holiday....

      "On the non-religious side, 13% of respondents said they were not sure how to describe Easter. Another 8% of Americans said the holiday means nothing to them.... Other non-religious descriptions...: getting friends and family together (4%), spring break (3%), a symbol of new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal (2%), a time to dye and hide eggs (2%), an event for children to have fun (2%), the Easter bunny (1%)....

      "...most likely to express some type of theistic religious connection with Easter were evangelicals (93%), attenders of large churches... born again Christians (81%), and weekly churchgoers (77%). Republicans (77%) and Democrats (71%) were more likely than were independents (59%) and non-registered citizens (51%) to say Easter has religious meaning for them.

      "...members of the Boomer generation (73%, ages 45 to 63) were among the most likely to describe Easter as a religious holiday for them, compared with two-thirds of Elders (66% of those ages 64-plus) and Busters (66%, ages 26 to 44). The...Mosaics (ages 18 to 25), were the least likely age segment to say Easter is a religious holiday (58%).

      "...those on the political 'right' were nearly twice as likely as those on the political 'left' to say that Easter is a celebration of the resurrection (53% versus 29%, respectively)." See Fulfillment of Old Testament promises

Persecution. Christians face a new persecution. This Easter, Christians have a mountain to climb in an increasingly hostile environment: [4-11-09] The latest EU draft directive has alarmed the Church of England, with good cause. In the name of outlawing discrimination, it would compel faith schools to admit unbelievers and force churches to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples....

     "What is being attempted, under the guise of eliminating discrimination, is discrimination against Christians.... The wider agenda is to remove anti-discrimination laws from the jurisdiction of Westminster to Brussels, when public opinion favours a reverse process – the repatriation of authority to Britain.... Westminster legislation has closed Catholic adoption agencies, while a politically correct reign of terror is afflicting our workplaces, with the latest victim a charity worker who chatted casually with a colleague about his religious beliefs excluding same-sex marriage. Health workers who have offered Christian comfort to ill people have intolerantly been penalised.

     "So, this Easter, Christians have something of a mountain to climb in an increasingly hostile environment. They should remain undaunted: they have been here before. Persecution of an infinitely more virulent kind than anything at the disposal of the European Parliament is part of their heritage. Jeers and mockery come with the territory when the ground being covered is Calvary. God is dead, claim their enemies. If they look more carefully they will see that the tomb is empty." See NO SCAR? 

On the physical death of Jesus Christ: "Although the Romans did not invent crucifixion, they perfected it as a form of torture and capital punishment that was designed to produce a slow death with maximum pain and suffering.... It was one of the most disgraceful and cruel methods of execution and usually was reserved only for slaves, foreigners, revolutionaries, and the vilest of criminals."

Facts about the Resurrection"Sir William Ramsay, regarded as one of the greatest archaeologists ever, investigated the writings of Luke in an apparent effort to undermine the Gospel writer's credentials as a historian, and to discredit the entire New Testament. After 30 years of study, however, Ramsay concluded, 'Luke is a historian of the first rank; not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy... this author should be placed along with the very greatest of historians.'"


Because He lives, I can face tomorrow

Because He lives, all fear is gone.

Because I know He holds the future,

And life is worth the living, just because He lives!


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