Audio Sermons

By Missionary Paul Washer

I Am Not Ashamed of the TRUE Gospel

Ten Indictments - A Historical 21st Century Message

The True Gospel: Man Apart from God

What is the Gospel 


Repent and Believe

The Narrow Way

Acceptance Beloved


Audio-Visual:  False Teachers Are Godís Judgment

We really appreciate Paul Washer's Biblical teaching.  May it richly encourage you!

By  Pastor Ray Stamps

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Why Tribulation - 1 (20.8MB)

Why Tribulation - 2  (26.7MB)

How do we respond to Tribulation? - 1 (19.9MB)

How do we respond to Tribulation? - 2 (18.8MB)

How do we respond to Tribulation? - 3 (23.6MB)


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