Oswald Chambers' Biblical Insights

Topical Index of Quotations

Standing alone with God

The Basis for Forgiveness

Bearing our cross

The Cross

Absoluteness of Jesus Christ

The Eternal Goal

Cultural Christianity

Darkness that brings true Light  

Faith vs self-confidence

Faith in the midst of Perverseness

Faith versus self-confidence

Focusing our hearts

Following the Shepherd

The Fool and the Wise


Giving your best

God's Love & Human Sentiment

God's Will or mine

Human Nature

Two Kingdoms 

Knowing & Doing God's will

More than conquerors

The Missionaryís Goal

God's Moral Law 


The Poor in Spirit

His Propitiation New

Our God-given Purpose

Seeing God through the darkness

Service: Are we disciplined to obey God or impulse?

Trusting the Sovereignty of God

Taking a Stand


The Word must precede the work

Most of these selections came from

1. My utmost for His Highest (Grand Rapids, MI: Discovery House Publishers) or -

2.  The Oswald Chambers Daily Devotional Bible  (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1992)