Be ye perfect?

A meditation on Matthew 5:48 by Fabienne Durdin

O Father God, Creator, Living God,
"Be perfect," You have told me in Your Word,
Knowing full well it is impossible for me.
Yet in Your love You promise this will come to be,
This righteousness that of me you require,
This perfect state to which I must aspire.

Day after day such goal looks ever distant
My heart to thus obey You seems resistant.
How can it come to pass, this perfect living?
How can my aim in life be "Always giving"?

Time and again my self takes pride of place,
As if I even think that I can win that race
In which the end was always obvious, from the start
The one in which the only victors are the pure in heart.

 Perfection! Lord God, such is to be my aim You say
That I be pure before You on that Day
When in Your glory You will judge the world and me!
My distance from Your goal is plain to see.

What if that hour should come and I be far
From being perfect, as I am from furthest star?
And then I hear You tell me that not I
But Jesus Christ, God who for me did die,
Will do this in His power and His might
As I to Him yield up my ev'ry right,
Agree with Him that in me is no good,
And let Him work in me all that He would.

O God of Love,
You who forgive my yielding to temptations
And who in me fulfill Your expectations,
May I be clay on Your wheel to take shape,
For from Your hands no defect will escape,
And You will ne'er forsake nor give me up,
But you will form this clay into a perfect cup
And fill it with Your perfection from above
Your overflowing, everlasting Love.

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