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T'was the night before Christmas

  By Christy Taulbee





'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the home,

Children were still studying for their test on Rome.

Mom was planning, she had just an hour,

To teach 'one more lesson' before their night shower.


A whole week of vacation, the children were thrilled,

But Mom saw the lesson plans, and the blocks were still filled.

"Can I stop for a day, much less a whole week?"

Just the thought of time off, made me shudder and shriek!


Would they remember anything, would they fall behind?

"Lord, I need your help, just give me a sign!!!"


Then out on the sidewalk, I saw my five boys,

And I heard them say, "it's not about toys."

To the neighborhood kids, they explained Jesus' birth,

And how through Jesus, not toys, we gain our worth.


At that point, math and spelling and learning to write,

Meant little to me as I had lost the sight

Of what teaching at home was truly about.

Then I sat at my desk and began to pout.


The pouts turned to sobs, "Lord what have I done?

It's not about grades, but to follow your Son!"

"Please guide me and show me my job is to teach,

and turn them to you, and of Jesus I'll preach."


Now we'll put away books and not open them 'til later,

We'll focus on Jesus, our Lord and Creator.

It's His day and so we will all celebrate,

I'll never mention the words "behind" or "we're late".


So, Thank You, Lord, for blessing me,

With such a great husband and family.

Now homeschooling moms,


And, "Happy Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!"


Copyright 2002 by Christy Taulbee. Updated 2005. Posted with permission.

In response to my request for information about the author, her son sent me this message:


Christy Taulbee is a wonderful woman who lives in Tampa, FL.  She is the mother of five wonderful boys and is madly in love with her husband Christopher. (He hopes one day she will love him as much as she loves her hometown Cincinnati Bengals and Reds . ) She can be reached at
Best Regards,
Christian Taulbee (her son)
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